The Beginning…


The seeds were planted as a child visiting Inverness…

sailing Tomales Bay
swimming at Shell Beach
picking huckleberries & blackberries
building sand castles at Drakes Beach
sea-sawing at Kehoe Beach
picnicking at Chicken Ranch
exploring the treasures at Bellweather
running in the 4th of July marshmallow race
climbing trees
playing badminton
BBQing oysters
making pie with my grandmother
daydreaming of making a life in West Marin

I also spent lots of time at our family’s cattle ranch…

riding horses, ATVs & tractors
feeding cattle
fishing & hunting
cooking & canning
romping through the rivers with our mud boots
gaining great appreciation for the hard work of agriculture!

Upon graduating from Stanford, I…

became a cookie queen
sold my cookie business
got my teaching credential & masters degree
taught art, science & gardening
became a UC Master Gardener
became a certified Natural Chef

It was in culinary school when it all came together…

a weekend culinary retreat with my classmates
cheese tasting
wine tasting
oyster tasting
a new business born!

Then, it was go time…

moved to Marshall
wrote a business plan
created a vision board
contacted local food producers
obtained permits & insurance
bought a van
created a logo & website
launched a new business!

Now, I’m living the dream…

living & working in West Marin
supporting local farmers & artisans
educating others about sustainable agriculture
giving back to the community that supports me
enjoying every moment of it!