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  • “Take this tour! This one we really did enjoy. Elizabeth Hill, our charming and well-informed guide, provides an enjoyable and entertaining venture into the West Marin County food scene. Ms. Hill, a trained chef, brings a deep knowledge of food to the experience. West Marin is truly a hot bed of the developing local, organic, and sustainable movements. You will be taken to the well-known venues as well as discover a couple that are not well known. Elizabeth will provide some delightful new food experiences along the way. You won’t go hungry on this tour.” —Bill D.
  • “This tour was one of the most special days that I have ever had anywhere! Our gracious host Elizabeth was very knowledgeable and courteous and really has passion for the local community and the food that is produced there. If you want an authentic and memorable Marin experience, West Marin Food & Farm Tours is a must!!!!!” —Kevin H.
  • “Such a wonderful tour! When your tour guide Elizabeth tells you it is an edible tour, she is not kidding! We had a grand time tasting cheeses, breads, meat, wine, vegetables, cookies, oysters, etc, etc. All delicious and local. It was fun to visit each provider and learn how they developed their sustainable edible operations. I am in awe of these dedicated folks who are improving our food sources.At every establishment, we learned how they make their product, where the ingredients are produced and processed. Fascinating. Elizabeth also shares the rich history of Tomales Bay from the native culture to the current sustainable operations. Our picnic overlooking Tomales Bay was the perfect end to the tour. I think everyone would find this tour a must-do.”—Susan H.
  • “I’ve done several tasting tours in various places but this has got to be the best one. Elizabeth is a wonderful guide, who keeps your belly and glasses full and mind engaged. Everything she selected was absolutely delicious, and you felt like a VIP where ever you went, which clearly reflects the wonderful relationship Elizabeth maintains with the various purveyors in the area. Delicious, fun and beautiful tour! What a wonderful way to spend a day in gorgeous suroundings. I can’t wait to try some of her other tours!” — Yoorah L.
  • “I could go on about how knowledgeable and engaging and personable Elizabeth is and how great the food is and how the small, intimate group keeps the experience feeling very personal…but how about I keep this simple. Just do this. Pick one of Elizabeth’s tours or events and just do it. It’ll be a double bonus 6 star day if you get awesome weather like we did, but I’d follow Elizabeth around in a Marin fog or winter rain. Treat yourself.” — Kevin R.
  • “Just got back from our Food & Farm tour! Such a beautiful area with such an abundance of great food! Elizabeth Hill is the perfect host, providing just the right amount of information and history… and of course, delicious food! The tour does not feel ‘touristy’ at all – it’s more like Elizabeth is introducing you to her friends, who just happen to be cheese makers, artisan bread makers, oyster farmers, winemakers, etc. Highly recommend! We will definitely be going back for the Cheese Lover’s Tour!” — Kristin H.
  • “Our tour last Saturday with Elizabeth around the West Marin food landscape was amazing! We learned all about the local history, from the time of Miwok Indians to the present day conservation through Marin Agricultural Land Trust. Not to mention the tasty treats we experienced on the way. My favorites were the cheese tasting at Cowgirl and the oyster lesson we received from a cute guy at Hog Island Oysters. If you are looking for a great way to experience West Marin like a local, take this edible adventure. You won’t be sorry…or hungry for that matter.” — Colleen R.
  • “It was SO wonderful to meet such a spirited and passionate lover of the food, the land, and the community of our area. I feel honored to have spent the day with someone toting such a revolutionary mind and such a humorous soul. A million thanks and a million congratulations on the beautiful niche you’re carving in the world.” — Jessica W.
  • “As operators of an Inverness B&B, we are frequently asked by guests for “insider information” on the area’s history, restaurant tips and how to squeeze as much of West Marin as possible into one or two days. Living here full time, but busy with the B&B most of the time, it’s hard to be up-to-the-minute on what’s cooking–literally! New cheeses appear from Cowgirl Creamery, Hog Island Oysters adds an outdoor bar and a new farming enterprise appears on the Point Reyes Station Mesa. Now, you can get the inside look at what you can place on your table while in West Marin (or take home) with a “Professional Insider” as your guide. My partner, Nancy, and I were very much surprised at how much we learned and how pleasantly and efficiently the whole 7-stop tour was conducted by our host, Elizabeth Hill, the originator of West Marin Food & Farm Tours. Elizabeth is warm and personable and a good driver of her pristine, comfortable van. Her professional training as a chef combines with her since-childhood affection for the beautiful singularity of West Marin, making her an engaging and informed guide who knows a lot, but also knows precisely when to hand off the tour to the expert in residence at Point Reyes Vineyard or Hog Island Oyster Company. A great experience for novice West Mariners as well as long-timers willing to admit they don’t know as much as they think they do.” — David H.
  • “The tour was was a blast. It was very cool seeing behind the scenes, tasting all the great food, and getting local knowledge of the area. Thank you!!!” — Greg C.
  • “Quality food. Authentic. Intimate.Tour is a bit of a misnomer. More of a shared experience with someone that has an endearing passion for people and the local food community. Hog Island Oyster Company, Cowgirl Creamery and friendly locals were great compliments to an experienced and classy host. Caution: I developed a school boy crush on Elizabeth – a beautiful woman that knows food. YES.Though it was a bit outside the city – the drive up was scenic and it was a more affordable, less touristy alternative to wine country. Perfect for a day trip.” — Antonio C.
  • “Not that I need to be reminded how wonderful West Marin is but the whole experience did. Brilliant tour – Thanks for this day, Elizabeth!” — Sarah F.
  • “Such a fun day exploring West Marin County. I highly recommend it to anyone!” — Ann B.
  • “If you are looking for as-LOCAL-as-it-gets culinary delicacies, breathtaking scenery, and a really memorable experience, a tour with West Marin Food & Farm Tours is the perfect way to spend a day. I recently had a group of out of town guests staying with me, and I only had a few days to cram in a lot of sightseeing, and to showcase the entire bay area. I was looking for the best day trip/excursion to take them on -something not too far of a drive from SF, that would include great eats/drinks and that would feel very unique to this area. All 3 of them enjoy fine food and wine, love to get into nature, and even on vacation like to mix in a little education and learning. West Marin Food & Farm Tours was suggested to me, and I reached out to the owner and tour guide Elizabeth to set up the trip. She was immediately friendly, excited and accommodating. We enjoyed the picturesque drive (just under an hour) through the fog, and the closer we got the fog lifted and sunny, blue skies and giant redwood trees took over.The 1st stop: Point Reyes Station. We were greeted with delicious, fresh, local pastries and a short history lesson. Next up: CHEESE! I’d experienced Cowgirl Creamery’s cheeses before, but never taken the time to really learn about the different products, where the cream comes from, or view the actual production. Not to mention sample….Afterwards we boarded the comfy, spacious van that would be tour vehicle for the afternoon (nice Motown music selection I might add) and we were off! A lamb burger with chimmichurri sauce and sweet potato fries, paired with ice cold NorCal Microbrews, a walk through an organic family-owned farm, wine tasting and more…just when we thought the day couldn’t get any better (or that our stomachs could handle any more!), we reached Hog Island Oyster Co.This location can’t be beat – it’s right on the bay, filled with welcoming communal picnic tables and happy, satisfied guests. We stuffed our faces with sweet raw oysters, savory BBQ’d oysters, sourdough baguette, more cheese, wine and fresh baked cookies.Most of these locations are open to the public, so you *could* technically visit these spots on your own. But I feel that booking the tour was worth every penny. Elizabeth is dialed in and knows all the tricks of the area, so at each spot we walked in and were treated like VIPs. She offered just the right amount of education and local lore – she is super passionate and her energy is contagious! Plus we all felt comfortable to have a few extra glasses of vino knowing we had a responsible driver! This day really will go down as one of the best guided tours I’ve ever experienced. As the CA native, I loved it, and my East Coast friends were totally blown away. Elizabeth went above and beyond to ensure we left with happy, full stomachs, relaxed minds and souls, and a new appreciation for the cuisine of West Marin.” — Laura S.
  • “I just spent an incredible day on the “Flavors of West Marin” adventure with West Marin Food and Farm Tours. Our fantastic host, Elizabeth, led us on an amazing journey filled with food, wine and history set against the pastoral backdrop of West Marin. We started off in Pt. Reyes sampling some cheese from Cowgirl Creamery (including their incredible creme fraiche which I’ve never had before) and pastries from Bovine Bakery. In between sampling the cheeses and pastries, Elizabeth worked in a history of the region’s culture, climate and geology over the past several thousand years that really helped connect you to the experience. Before hopping into our comfortable transportation for the day we popped over to Brickmaiden Breads (normally closed to the public) to see their special brick oven and got a few cheese and currant scones for the short ride to Marin Sun Farms. I’ve always enjoyed their grass-fed beef but visiting their butcher shop/restaurant opened my eyes to all their other locally raised grass-fed meats (lamb bacon anyone?) and we sampled their tasty lamb and goat burgers. The next stop was Point Reyes Vineyard Winery for a relaxed tasting and to pick up a couple of bottles for our final stop at the Hog Island Oyster Company. Elizabeth laid out a nice spread of local foods for us, gave us a background and tour of Hog Island’s oyster cultivation and then ordered us some delicious raw and BBQ oysters to sample. We relaxed at Hog Island for many more oysters and beers to cap off a fantastic day. This was such an interesting, fun and unique experience. Everyone we met throughout the tour truly cares about providing the highest quality and sustainable products and Elizabeth does a wonderful job of tying the entire experience together. If you’re from the Bay Area and looking for something new to try, this is a must-do on your list. If you’re visiting, this is a great and different way to experience the Bay Area. Grab some friends or make some new ones and make it happen!” — Moneil P.
  • “Yesterday I went on a food and farm tour in West Marin. It was AWESOMELY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! The food was REMARKABLE!!! My favorite cheese from Cowgirl Creamery was the Wagon Wheel. I also had some delectable pastries. One of my favorite pastries’ was the bear claw. The town was beautiful. Next I went to this bakery called Brickmaiden Bread. I got to taste fresh sourdough bread, it was yummy. My favorite part of the tour was Nick’s Cove. We had an amazing picnic by the shore. We had cheese, crackers, cookies, fresh honey and good jam. I had a wonderful tour with Elizabeth. It ROCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” — Devin S (age 10)